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Expanding Horizons


 Expanding Horizons

Eleven years ago, PICPA INTERNATIONAL U.S. has been making baby steps in its quest for a Memorandum of Reciprocal Agreement (MRA).  The Philippine Board of Accountancy (PBOA), in line with their program “Expanding the Horizon” turned these small steps into great strides by taking cognizance of the fact that the Filipino CPAs deserve to enjoy the same opportunity in the practice of profession which other nationalities have been enjoying in the United States through reciprocity, otherwise known as the MRA  (Mutual Recognition Agreement) or, in the parlance of  diplomatic community, Memorandum of Reciprocal Agreement).

Towards this end, the Chairman of the PBOA, Mr. Joel Tan Torres, has been gracious enough to assure us that he will coordinate with the United States International Qualifications Appraisal Board (US IQAB) in moving the MRA process to the next phase of the negotiation up to and including its implementation.  It will be noted that the US IQAB is the implementing arm authorized by the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) to enter into reciprocity agreements.  In so many occasions, the US IQAB through the intercession of PICPA INTERNATIONAL U.S. reiterated its willingness to enter into an MRA negotiations with the Philippines. Therefore, PICPA INTERNATIONAL U.S. expects to play an unenviable but important role in achieving this milestone for the benefit of all Filipino CPAs.

We applaud Chairman Joel Tan Torres’ resolve to support our petition and help attain reciprocity in the most expeditious manner.  PICPA INTERNATIONAL U.S. and its membership hereby express its genuine appreciation to the PBOA and the PICPA National Directorate for lending a hand and giving an ear to a laudable cause.  Indeed our gratitude goes to all the people who helped move the ball towards the Filipino CPA’s goal. 

Cesar F. Crisostomo

Executive Committee Member

June 30, 2014



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