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3rd Global Messages    

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President   Gloria Macapagal Arroyo,    President of the Philippines

Mary Jo A. Bernardo - Aragon,     Philippine Consul General,  Los Angeles  

Antonio R. Villaraigosa,       Mayor,  City of Los Angeles, Californi

Eugene Mateo,      Chairman,  Philippine Board of Accountancy

Robert Petersen,        President, California Board of Accountancy

Antonio Tecson,  President, Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants

Roland L. Ditan,    President,  PICPA International (USA, Canada, Australia & Europe)
                             Over-all Chairman,   3rd PICPA Global Convention

Romy De Guzman,    EVP-Internal,  PICPA International (USA, Canada, Australia & Europe)
                                 Co-Chairman,  3rd PICPA Global Convention 

Jessie V. Fernandez,     EVP-External, PICPA International (USA, Canada, Australia & Europe)
                                     Co-Chairman, 3rd PICPA Global Convention 

Rey Bejerano,      Secretary-General, PICPA International;  President,  PICPA East Los    

                              Angeles,  Host Chapter of the 3rd PICPA Global Convention  

Evelyn Roque,      President, PICPA Los Angeles,   Host Chapter of the 3rd PICPA
                           Global Convention                 





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